Who Is Nancy?

My Dream Name Is Nancy 

Nancy is my dream name. You probably are asking why? I’m a fan of Nancy Sinatra, judging by the last name you know who she is. She is the eldest daughter of Frank Sinatra. I’m a fan because she is different from other artist, and I like her song, “Boots are made for walking”. She is a real beauty with a talent. In 1970, she was the girl next door, military men stick her poster on the wall for some inspiration. She is captivating and through her songs, I’m captivated too. What caught my attention why I liked her is the relationship that she had with her father. We are getting personal now. But I’d be happy to share you my life story. If you’d be so kind, please visit her website to know about her https://www.nancysinatra.com.

If you want to know about the woman I adore, follower her on twitter, support her page on allmusic and find out more about her through wiki. I love her so much.


A Short Sad Story 

Just call me Nancy, and please don’t ask my age because it’s just a number. I’d like to make it clear that I’m not old yet. I’m still young, full of life, and still a kick ass in so many things. My greatest inferiority in life is I never met my father. He left when I still a growing human being in my mother’s womb. Ever since then, there is an empty vacuum  in me that’s waiting to be filled by a father’s love. There you have it, the reason why I came across Nancy Sinatra and I immediately became a fan.

Why I Am I Doing This? 

Look I’m not famous, I’m exactly the opposite of famous and that’s okay with me. I’m person who values privacy for myself. I have social media accounts which I don’t update every time, because there are things I want to keep just for my self and my family. So why create this website? I want to help young mother’s like me who are struggling to be healthy. I was once an overweight woman but but now, I’m so healthy and yes, sexy. I want to share my ideas and things that are working for me, so others can benefit too!

Aside my obsession for Nancy Sinatra, I’m a serious supporter of Yoga communities.

Please visit: https://www.doyouyoga.com  and   http://theyogacommunity.com

They provide high-quality articles about Yoga and Meditation. Please feel free to browse them.