Stabilizing Both Your Scope and Your Weight

ALPEN-Micro-705I’m sure you’re aware of spotting scope tripods. They allow you to stabilize the scope so you can experience uninterrupted viewing without having to lift the scope up with your bare heads. Tripods enable you to take clear photos as well when you’re digiscoping (attaching a scope to a camera/phone to shoot pictures). A tripod is a solution for shaky hands and lazy people.

While there are tripods for scopes, there aren’t tripods for stabilizing your weight. Well, at least there aren’t called tripods. They are called by different names. To maintain your weight, do the following:

Make protein your best friend

Eating a lot of protein can help you have lean muscles. Protein can prevent irregular insulin levels, fatigue, iron deficiency, bone fractures, and even depression! You need it regardless of whether you’re thin or overweight. Protein should be consumed at every meal in about 15-gram amounts—that’s the minimum. But too much protein isn’t good so don’t go beyond 30 grams per meal.

Exercise moderately

If you want a stable weight, perform moderate workouts every day. Don’t overdo because you’ll burn more fats. Overdoing workouts can also cause stress and anxiety, harm your thyroid, ruin your metabolism, and burn out your adrenal glands. Skipping daily exercise is bad for you as well. So keep your workouts to a medium level. Spend only half an hour a day.

Eat fats


Yup. One of the myths debunked recently was the myth that fat isn’t good for the body. You need fats to have a stable weight. Not eating fat will slow down your metabolism, believe it or not. So add more salmon, avocados, organic whole eggs, unsalted nut butter, and dark chocolate to your diet!

Don’t avoid carbohydrates

Underweight? Overweight? It doesn’t matter. It’s just like tripods—whether you’ll use it for birdwatching with your scope or astronomy purposes, you’ll still need one. Likewise, you shouldn’t avoid carbohydrates. Depriving your body of carbs can slow your thyroid function down, cause fatigue, lead to gout, and others. Eat healthy carbs at least once or twice a day. When I say healthy carbs, that includes sweet potatoes, brown rice, wild rice, papaya, quinoa, oranges, apples, rolled oats, apples, and berries.

Cut down sugar

brown-cane-sugar-cubesSugar can provide energy, but too much of it can hurt your blood sugar levels, and you wouldn’t want that. This means you also have to lessen your consumption of honey, coconut nectar, white and brown rice, maple syrup, and even agave. If you want sugar, use stevia, fruit sugar, or sugar alcohol such as xylitol instead.

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