Mind Exercise

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

Yes, you are reading it right. I’m creating a page for mind exercise. This page is a place for motivation to help you get going on your goal. I’m going to check great references we could both use to stay positive and happy. A healthy mind is essential in achieving your goals. Imagine your self being grumpy all the time, nothing to look forward to, always tired, and always wanting to turn the TV on and watch all day because you don’t have enthusiasm for life anymore. Scary right? Your life will just passed you by and you will look back to where life has taken you and say, “What am I doing with my life?”.

Quotes by A.P.J Abdul Kalam
Source: https://www.kamdora.com

infographic on how to be happy
Source: https://www.fitwoman.com

Quotes from Mahatma Gandhi
Source: http://liveanddare.com