How Fixing Your Home Can Keep You Healthy

Stay safe and healthy in your own home by remembering these tips!

It’s a form of exercise


Bought a fixer-upper? Don’t hire a handyman unless you really need one! As long as you can handle the tasks, it’s better to fix the home on your own.

Start with the exterior. That’s a fixer-upper, you would want to get rid of the moss on the roof, take care of the overgrown garden, and clean the walls using a pressure washer. If you can’t take it anymore or you’re simply not able to physically, hire a landscaper or a contractor. But if there are small tasks you could do to improve the house from outside in, then take care of those tasks yourself. Doing so will enable you to move a lot and therefore work out differently.

After cleaning the exterior, check the interior. You could face some typical wear and tear issues and other problems like damp walls. For damp walls, you might want to get the help of a humidifier. Inspect for broken windows, doors, hinges, etc. Before you try to fix them, make sure you know exactly how to fix them the right way. If you don’t, hire a handyman.

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It can make your muscles and bones stronger

arm-strong-musclesCarrying large tools such as chainsaws, log splitters, welding machines, sanders, and portable generators is like lifting weights in the gym. Transferring things from place to place can strengthen your bones and muscles, especially when you need to place a tool from one room to another so that you can perform the repairs or projects.

Fixing your house is an excellent way for you to stretch your body and make your muscles flexible. If you think building and repairing do not require hard work, I urge you to think again.

Your home won’t be home to insects and bacteria

Cleaning and fixing a home also means your house won’t be filled with insects such as termites. Termites are destructive, and no one wants to deal with them. So, avoid them by making sure your house has been sprayed with boric acid. Keeping your home clean also means you’ll get rid of germs and bacteria that may cause sicknesses. And when you’re sick, you’re not in your healthiest condition.

There will be fewer accidents

anti-slip-strips-showerLastly, fixing your house will keep you healthy by allowing you to avoid mishaps like falls. According to research, 1/3 to ½ of home accidents can be prevented by modifying or repairing the house. For instance, you can avoid slips in the shower or tub by placing non-skid decals or strips or installing non-skid tiles.


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