Health Advice

Transitioning from unhealthy habits to healthy habits requires time, effort, eagerness, and wisdom. I’ve been there, I’m not saying that I got it all and consider my self as an expert. These are the practical things I have learned when I was going through the same process, and I want to share it with you.

To be honest, I have no plans of changing my unhealthy habits till one day, my body demanded for it. I came to a realization that I am important, too. I realized that I need to give my self some time, that I am not Wonder Woman who can do it all, that I am also a person with needs and wants that has to bsticky note you are importante fulfilled. When my body was falling apart, I saw my little children who still need me. They can’t lose a mother yet, I love them so much that it makes me cry as I write this.

Transitioning Is Not Easy But Still Not An Excuse

I know it might sound harsh, but that’s the truth. It is a difficult process; however, it is never an enough reason to give up. According to psychology today:

Specific commitments can change behavior. People don’t change behavior when they commit only to a general goal.

You should understand why you want to change, you need to be more specific and understand the why’s.

Start On Your Own Kitchen  

healthy food lunchbox

Make a list before going to grocery. You can check http://www.women
to find the things you should buy and not buy. Make it a commitment that you will only buy the food that will contribute to your wellness. Skip the junk food section and move on to the list. When you are used to buying processed food and don’t know where to start, visit: . They offer wide range of recipe. This is the same website I visited when I was transitioning, too.

Don’t Procrastinate

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Now that you know how important you are, take action, and give your body some healthy boost. Because you deserve it.