Exercise Tips

Let me show you how I turned exercise into a habit. There is no magic formula on how to condition your mind to exercise. I just learned to love it! That’s all.  Don’t think that I’m an expert here, I went through series of emotional breakdowns, complacency, and failures,  but at the end of the day, I brushed them all off. So shrug your shoulders if you have previous failures on your healthy goals because it happens to everyone. And that doesn’t mean that you will never succeed.

I will keep you updated on my progress on my healthy lifestyle goal. This page will be all about exercising techniques, tips, and latest thing in the world of fitness. Make sure to subscribe to get latest posts about my journey.

Start Slowly

Don’t over work yourself. It is a way of instilling in your mind that exercising sucks. Let your body adapt to new physical activities and do it slowly.

Forget About Weight loss

Are you familiar with the theory of how subconscious mind works? If you alway tell yourself that you need to lose weight because you too fat, there is more chances of you gaining more pounds. Unfair right? Take off weight loss on your list and think like this: I am beautiful and sexy in my own ways. I want to exercise because it’s good for me.

 Choose An Exercise You Will Enjoy

Ask yourself which exercise you will enjoy and don’t force yourself committing to something you don’t enjoy. You will just get tired and stressed. Exercising is a way of releasing stress not the other way around.

I provided you with some references to read so you can have more idea on how you can love exercising. Here they are:

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