Surface Element Analysis





Surface analysis techniques use the interaction between electronic, photonic, ions, atoms, strong electric field, heat energy and the solid surface to measure energy spectrum, spectrum, mass spectrum and spatial distribution or diffraction images of electronic, photonic, ions, atoms and molecules which  were scatted or launched from solid surface. Get information of surface composition, structure, electronic state, physical and chemical process.

Surface composition analysis including surface element composition and chemical state and the distribution on the surface.The latter refers to the horizontal and vertical distribution (depth).


Characteristics of surface analysis:

The terminal is a solid surface,no neighbor atoms at the outer side of surface. Part of the chemical bonds to space, form a "dangling bond".The surface is different with the body and chemical properties are more active.

Surface is the interface between vacuum or gas and object.

Surface analysis usually is the study of the solid surface.Sometimes referred to a single atomic layer on the surface, sometimes referred to a few atom above, sometimes referred to the thickness of surface layer in micro level.



Aerospace,automotive, materials, electronics, chemistry, biology, geology, medicine, metallurgy, machinery processing, semiconductor manufacturing, ceramics, etc.

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