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Meixin Testing Technology Co., Ltd is a commercial laboratory with CNAS and CMA approval certificate, committing to provide customers with material quality inspection, identification, certification and failure analysis and other professional and technical services. The services involve electronic appliances, new materials, new energy, automotive, civil aviation, education and scientific research and other industries.


Meixin testing founded in 2012 and separately set up multiple detection and analysis laboratory in Shenzhen and Suzhou including microscopic analysis, thermal analysis, nondestructive testing, chemical composition, physical properties, reliability, and other detection and analysis laboratory. With scientific testing methods, professional engineers and sophisticated equipment, we help customers solve various engineering, scientific and technical problems in the product research and development, production, trade and other aspects.


On 18 December 2015, Meixin successfully goes public in National equities exchange and quotation, stock code: 835052.



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