As the carrier of all kinds of components and circuit signal transmission hub, PCB has become the most important and critical part of electronic information products, its quality and reliability level determine the quality and reliability of the whole equipment. Due to the development trend of PCB high density and lead free and halogen free environmental protection requirements, More and more PCB appeared the bad wetting, explosive plate, delamination, CAF and so on all kinds of failure problems. PCB failure mechanism will be beneficial to the quality control of PCB in the future, so as to avoid the recurrence of similar problems.


MTT engineering and technical personnel have many years of experience in the field of PCB/PCBA quality evaluation, failure analysis and UL certification, accumulated a large number of actual cases, provide different solutions for customers, so that customers can quickly solve the problem, to seize market opportunities.




1. UL certification


2. Comprehensive solution of failure analysis


3. PCB test and evaluation


4. Reliability evaluation of PCBA electronic components


5. Training and seminar

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