Let Your Energy Soar Using Herbs

My advocacy is to free you from using medicines to give you that extra energy to get through your day. Our busy schedules forced us to sacrifice our health by having lack of sleep, eating the wrong kind of food, smoking cigarettes, and drinking more than 2 cups of coffee just to stay awake. I received so many emails asking what alternatives you can do or use to achieve that energy without you damaging your health.

Guess what? The solution that you need is readily available right in there in your kitchen. In case, you don’t use herbs when cooking your food, it’s time for you to learn some healthy recipes that is not only going to add spice in your food but also will improve your energy levels. Here are my top picks of herbs that personally work for me. Make sure that you subscribe for the latest tips and tricks on healthy ways to improve your life.

oregano leaves

When I was young, my mother used to pick oregano leaves from our backyard and spall them into tiny bits and pieces then extract these precious juices. Once juices are extracted, she mix this to my drink and ask me to drink it. Off course, it doesn’t taste good but I noticed that after drinking it, I feel energized. She also let me drink “potion” when I have cold and flu. So far, it works in wonders.

Holy Basil
holy basil

Holy Basil is good herb to use to counter stress. Hindus believe that basil is a sacred plant. Ayurvedic medicine loves in this plant due to its multiple benefits in the body. This plant is also being used to make medicine using the whole plant as the source. Making tea out this plant will help you get relief from indigestions while at the same time contains antioxidants to help and build your immune system. It is a great alternative for coffee, too.

Green Tea
cup of green tea

Instead puffing cigarette or  drinking coffee, why not make green tea? In case you are not a fan, you can add a little honey to add some sweetness to this amazing drink. Did you know that properties found in green tea can help you improve your focus? Itactivates the area of the brain called dorsolateral prefontal cortex, this part of your brain is responsible for mental alertness and focus. Green tea is perfect for those work long hours. Another benefit you will get from Green Tea is it helps your body to burn fat. After eating oily food, make it habit to drink hot green tea to release those excessive fats from the food you ate.



Why Using a Bud Trimmer Machine is an Excellent Idea

Before, there was only one possible way to prune your crops, and that was to hire professionals who trim every single bud with their hands. The process was slow, and it took a lot of hours for laborers to finish their job.


With the advent of bud trimmer machines, however, the procedure is no longer time-consuming and slow. Commercial bud trimmers can now finish the job in a day or two, unlike trimming by hand which needed at least a week.

iPower-GLTRIMBOWL16M-16-InchThey’re now becoming more popular and a convenient choice, especially since marijuana is in demand now more than ever. Machines make it possible to harvest sooner, reaching customers faster.


Bud trimmer machines offer the following advantages:

  • They process products gently – These machines are tailored to be as gentle as human hands, so growers don’t have to worry about a bud trimmer ruining their crops
  • They are fast – As mentioned earlier, bud trimmers can reduce the required time to cut, allowing the growers to send the produce to the customers quicker.
  • They decrease the amount of waste and mess – Cleaning up has never been easier with bud trimmer machines because they aren’t messy unlike when you prune manually with your hands
  • The buds will look neater – Thanks to these machines, you can also have better-looking crops! The machines have sharp blades that can easily and precisely cut, allowing you to come up with neat buds without getting exhausted. The-Clean-Cut-M-9000SGN
  • They are available in any size – Bud trimmers are also offered in different sizes and in various models which is beneficial for any grower since the choices aren’t limited. This means they can get the appropriate machine for their needs.
  • They’re easy to use – These machines are also comfortable to use and convenient in increasing a grower’s profits.
  • They don’t require much maintenance – In truth, they hardly need maintenance. These things are much easier to handle than sharp scissors and shears!
  • They lower your cost – Because you don’t have to pay for a lot of laborers, you can save money for something more significant instead! Besides, the machine will pay off quickly.

All these advantages are proof that even a tedious work as bud trimming can be easy as pie with the use of the latest technologies.

There’s no more time to doubt, buy a bud trimmer machine now!

Girl at the beach practicing yoga

Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Relieve Stress Through Yoga

I work long hours in the office and most of the time I don’t have time to exercise anymore. I noticed my back pain is getting worst. It feels like its going to break anytime soon. Since I have to work to pay the bills, send my children to school, and get a decent lifestyle, I just ignored it. Till one day when I got home, I felt this excruciating pain in my back. My head aches as if its going to explode. I can’t bear the pain anymore so I decided to visit my doctor. He gave me some pain meds and asked me to take some rest from work. He also advised me to exercise so my can be strong again.

I researched so many articles online about back pain and headaches, I was always drawn to these conclusions:

  • My body needs to recover from stress.
  • Something’s wrong with my habits.
  • I lack exercise
  • I might have some genetic disease that is already surfacing as I grow old (which by the way, I don’t have).

Resources: ,,

My friend told me that Yoga is good form of exercise. She referred me to the Yoga studio where she goes. I had a free trial for a week. With that one week of practicing Yoga, there is an improvement in my body. I haven’t lost weight yet but certainly feel that I am healthier. I also observed that I can finish my work faster than I used to. Somehow, Yoga helped me to become mentally focused. It has taken so many luggage in my life that’s causing me stress. For some magical reason, my life is better.

I subscribe to many videos on line so I can exercise at home. I tried the beginner level until my body tolerates the intermediate level.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 3 months and so far everything is going great. Losing weight is never my main goal because I’m confident no matter what my weight is. But surprisingly, I already dropped 5 pounds! Yoga is not the only contributor of weight loss, I combined it with change of lifestyle. I began with food. I love junk food because they are convenient to eat. Just open the packaging and you have an instant access to food, easy. My instructor encourage me to eat healthy, and so I did. Thanks to her, I just lost 5 pounds. My energy level is so high, that makes me believe that I can conquer the world.