How Fixing Your Home Can Keep You Healthy

Stay safe and healthy in your own home by remembering these tips!

It’s a form of exercise


Bought a fixer-upper? Don’t hire a handyman unless you really need one! As long as you can handle the tasks, it’s better to fix the home on your own.

Start with the exterior. That’s a fixer-upper, you would want to get rid of the moss on the roof, take care of the overgrown garden, and clean the walls using a pressure washer. If you can’t take it anymore or you’re simply not able to physically, hire a landscaper or a contractor. But if there are small tasks you could do to improve the house from outside in, then take care of those tasks yourself. Doing so will enable you to move a lot and therefore work out differently.

After cleaning the exterior, check the interior. You could face some typical wear and tear issues and other problems like damp walls. For damp walls, you might want to get the help of a humidifier. Inspect for broken windows, doors, hinges, etc. Before you try to fix them, make sure you know exactly how to fix them the right way. If you don’t, hire a handyman.

More about fixer-uppers in nighthelper.

It can make your muscles and bones stronger

arm-strong-musclesCarrying large tools such as chainsaws, log splitters, welding machines, sanders, and portable generators is like lifting weights in the gym. Transferring things from place to place can strengthen your bones and muscles, especially when you need to place a tool from one room to another so that you can perform the repairs or projects.

Fixing your house is an excellent way for you to stretch your body and make your muscles flexible. If you think building and repairing do not require hard work, I urge you to think again.

Your home won’t be home to insects and bacteria

Cleaning and fixing a home also means your house won’t be filled with insects such as termites. Termites are destructive, and no one wants to deal with them. So, avoid them by making sure your house has been sprayed with boric acid. Keeping your home clean also means you’ll get rid of germs and bacteria that may cause sicknesses. And when you’re sick, you’re not in your healthiest condition.

There will be fewer accidents

anti-slip-strips-showerLastly, fixing your house will keep you healthy by allowing you to avoid mishaps like falls. According to research, 1/3 to ½ of home accidents can be prevented by modifying or repairing the house. For instance, you can avoid slips in the shower or tub by placing non-skid decals or strips or installing non-skid tiles.



Stabilizing Both Your Scope and Your Weight

ALPEN-Micro-705I’m sure you’re aware of spotting scope tripods. They allow you to stabilize the scope so you can experience uninterrupted viewing without having to lift the scope up with your bare heads. Tripods enable you to take clear photos as well when you’re digiscoping (attaching a scope to a camera/phone to shoot pictures). A tripod is a solution for shaky hands and lazy people.

While there are tripods for scopes, there aren’t tripods for stabilizing your weight. Well, at least there aren’t called tripods. They are called by different names. To maintain your weight, do the following:

Make protein your best friend

Eating a lot of protein can help you have lean muscles. Protein can prevent irregular insulin levels, fatigue, iron deficiency, bone fractures, and even depression! You need it regardless of whether you’re thin or overweight. Protein should be consumed at every meal in about 15-gram amounts—that’s the minimum. But too much protein isn’t good so don’t go beyond 30 grams per meal.

Exercise moderately

If you want a stable weight, perform moderate workouts every day. Don’t overdo because you’ll burn more fats. Overdoing workouts can also cause stress and anxiety, harm your thyroid, ruin your metabolism, and burn out your adrenal glands. Skipping daily exercise is bad for you as well. So keep your workouts to a medium level. Spend only half an hour a day.

Eat fats


Yup. One of the myths debunked recently was the myth that fat isn’t good for the body. You need fats to have a stable weight. Not eating fat will slow down your metabolism, believe it or not. So add more salmon, avocados, organic whole eggs, unsalted nut butter, and dark chocolate to your diet!

Don’t avoid carbohydrates

Underweight? Overweight? It doesn’t matter. It’s just like tripods—whether you’ll use it for birdwatching with your scope or astronomy purposes, you’ll still need one. Likewise, you shouldn’t avoid carbohydrates. Depriving your body of carbs can slow your thyroid function down, cause fatigue, lead to gout, and others. Eat healthy carbs at least once or twice a day. When I say healthy carbs, that includes sweet potatoes, brown rice, wild rice, papaya, quinoa, oranges, apples, rolled oats, apples, and berries.

Cut down sugar

brown-cane-sugar-cubesSugar can provide energy, but too much of it can hurt your blood sugar levels, and you wouldn’t want that. This means you also have to lessen your consumption of honey, coconut nectar, white and brown rice, maple syrup, and even agave. If you want sugar, use stevia, fruit sugar, or sugar alcohol such as xylitol instead.


The Mental Benefits of Paint Spraying

Did you know that using a paint sprayer can benefit you mentally? Paint spraying can enhance your cognitive functions and improve your overall mental health. Read on to know how that’s possible.



Painting can release the negative feelings you have deep down inside you. All you need is the best paint sprayer and watch yourself have fun and be more positive about your surroundings. With spray-painting, you can replace the pessimism with optimism and cause yourself to be happier. It’s also associated with stress relief, which means it can help you de-stress and dance the negative feelings away after using a paint sprayer. Just try it, and you’ll see why art therapy is recommended for those who are lonely.


Another thing you’ll love about spray-painting is that it can boost your self-esteem. It’s an activity that allows you to create, express yourself, and be darn artistic as you want to be. No rules (except for safety rules). With a paint sprayer, you can create something new and innovative, and whether you’re just painting walls, ceilings, or even a canvas, you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment in the end. That’s because paint sprayers are also easy to use, aside from being an instrument that boosts your self-confidence.

Observance Skills

lens-colorIf you’re aiming to make a canvas of the scenery you once saw or you took a picture of, then you’ll be challenged to observe every detail of that scene to be able to efficiently spray-paint on a canvas. Thanks to spray painting, you can be more observant of your surroundings as you take a good look at the shading, lighting, colors, shapes, textures, positions of elements, and more. This is advantageous because even if you’re not painting, you’ll be able to apply your observation skills as you pay close attention to stuff. Plus, it will also improve your ability to focus on the task at hand. And you’ll be able to appreciate small details too.


Obviously, spray-painting can also fire up the creative side of your brain by triggering the part responsible for imaginations. Holding a paint sprayer can stimulate your mind to be artistic, which is great because performing creative work is an excellent mental workout which can both challenge you and calm you down.



Several studies have noted that painting is a recommended way to improve one’s memory skills since it gets people to be familiarized with color combinations, safety guidelines, and spray-painting techniques. Painting can strengthen the memory by integrating the visual, motor, and semantic aspects of your memory trace. Seriously, what’s not to love about spray-painting?

Clearly, spray-painting is the most fun and versatile kind of painting as you can paint almost anything using a paint sprayer. You can paint a picture, paint walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and more! Experience fun like never before, and improve your mental health today with spray-painting.

3 Best Books on Weight Control and Eating Right

From successful diets to stair climbing weight loss success stories, the wealth of information on how to get rid of excess pounds can be overwhelming. To sift through the tons of advice and tips out there, we have rounded up some of the best books written or recommended by experts so you can better manage your weight and improve your health.

8 Minutes in the Morning: A Simple Way to Shed Up to 2 Pounds a Week — Guaranteed by
Jorge Cruise
Got 8 minutes? This book helps you get back in shape and reach your healthy weight using a fairly simple approach. Just by spending eight minutes of your time each day, you can start exercising more, eat your way to better health, and achieve your weight goal.

Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss by Joel Fuhrman
The trouble with losing weight is that you can always gain back what you lost in no time if you go back to old, unhealthy habits. Eat to Live is a good read for people who look beyond weight loss for a more sustainable weight control approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

No Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss by the American Heart Association
No Fad Diet is not just a weight loss diet book. It also helps you avoid gaining back the extra weight you lost. It provides a wide array of recipes for 1,200- or up to 2,000-calorie meals so you can eat your way to better health.

Perks Of A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right kinds of food and exercising regularly. It’s more than just drinking the right kinds of beverage and resting well.

Below are some perks of a healthy lifestyle:

It makes you look good outside.

We all know how eating the right kinds of food such as fruits and vegetables helps keep us healthy. We also know how exercising regularly such as running and planking helps keep us fit. Put these two together and it will make you look good outside – from head to toe, thanks to every vitamin that comes from eating the right kinds of food and the good kind of activeness that comes from exercising regularly.

It makes you feel good inside.

We all know how drinking the right kinds of beverage like water helps keep us healthy. We also know how resting well like sleeping helps keep us fit. Put these two together and it will make you feel good inside – from cell to organ, thanks to every mineral that comes from drinking the right kinds of beverage and the good kind of idleness that comes from resting well.

Indeed, a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating the right kinds of food and drinking the right kinds of beverage. And indeed, a healthy lifestyle is more than just exercising regularly and resting well.

How about you?

healthy lifestyle

How do you make yourself look good outside? How do you make yourself feel good inside?

Do you eat the right kinds of food, as well as exercise regularly? Do you know any other ways to make yourself look good outside?

Do you eat the right kinds of beverage, as well as rest well? Do you know any other ways to make yourself feel good inside?

Do you have any advice for those who are still looking to improve their health and fitness?

Let’s discuss more about these, while also checking out Wahls diet recipes, on the comments section below!