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Burn Fat, Increase Energy, and Relieve Stress Through Yoga

I work long hours in the office and most of the time I don’t have time to exercise anymore. I noticed my back pain is getting worst. It feels like its going to break anytime soon. Since I have to work to pay the bills, send my children to school, and get a decent lifestyle, I just ignored it. Till one day when I got home, I felt this excruciating pain in my back. My head aches as if its going to explode. I can’t bear the pain anymore so I decided to visit my doctor. He gave me some pain meds and asked me to take some rest from work. He also advised me to exercise so my can be strong again.

I researched so many articles online about back pain and headaches, I was always drawn to these conclusions:

  • My body needs to recover from stress.
  • Something’s wrong with my habits.
  • I lack exercise
  • I might have some genetic disease that is already surfacing as I grow old (which by the way, I don’t have).

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My friend told me that Yoga is good form of exercise. She referred me to the Yoga studio where she goes. I had a free trial for a week. With that one week of practicing Yoga, there is an improvement in my body. I haven’t lost weight yet but certainly feel that I am healthier. I also observed that I can finish my work faster than I used to. Somehow, Yoga helped me to become mentally focused. It has taken so many luggage in my life that’s causing me stress. For some magical reason, my life is better.

I subscribe to many videos on line so I can exercise at home. I tried the beginner level until my body tolerates the intermediate level.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 3 months and so far everything is going great. Losing weight is never my main goal because I’m confident no matter what my weight is. But surprisingly, I already dropped 5 pounds! Yoga is not the only contributor of weight loss, I combined it with change of lifestyle. I began with food. I love junk food because they are convenient to eat. Just open the packaging and you have an instant access to food, easy. My instructor encourage me to eat healthy, and so I did. Thanks to her, I just lost 5 pounds. My energy level is so high, that makes me believe that I can conquer the world.

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