Metal and Oxide Covering Layer Thickness


Metallic Covering Layer ThicknessNon-metallic Coating Thickness



Surface layer is in order to make the material surface has a certain reinforcement and protection (anti-oxidation corrosion resistance), adornment or special functions (such as insulation, heat insulation, invisibility). By physical or chemical methods to form a layer or more layers with certain thickness which is different from base material layer on metal or nonmetal substrate surface, it can meet the product design and use requirement. Cover layer contains coating, non-metallic coating, stick, chemical generated film on the material surface layer, so as to realize the special function and performance of materials. l metal and non-metallic coating layer are two widely used protective layer in industry.



Metal and oxide layer thickness measurement technology has a very wide range of applications, mainly used in aerospace, automotive, material, metal, electronics, ceramics and other fields. In industrial production, the thickness of the layer too thin is difficult to give full play to its special function and performance, while too thick will cause economic waste. And uneven thickness of cover layer cannot meet the specified requirements, which has an adverse impact on the mechanical and physical properties. Therefore, the thickness uniformity of material covering its coating material components is the most important quality index. To test the surface coating has become a necessary working procedure for material processing industry, users testing products quality and products meet quality standards.

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