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Foreign bodies are mixed with raw materials or products other than the object items in the material. There are many reasons of forming foreign body, such as raw material is not pure, there are reaction by-products, process control is not standardized or process formula is not mature, etc. In the process of production and use, the product surface is often easy to be polluted, corroded, oxidized,or due to manufacturing defects, negligence introducing and forming foreign body, which increases the product defective rate and takes great influence on the use of the product performance. How to reduce the introduction of foreign body has always been a big problem in the manufacturing industry.

This project based on the analysis of foreign body gets all elements and chemical composition, combined with the manufacture’s understanding for the product and process to find out the real reason of foreign body production and through the improvement of process formula by the manufacture to avoid the generation of foreign body.The technology is a special analysis technology for embedded foreign body or surface contaminants and deposition. For example, through qualitative analysis for the surface of the precipitated particles embedded or small molecules migrate objects, spots, oil mist, rubber or other abnormal substances to find For example, the surface of the precipitated particles embedded or small molecules migrate objects, spots, oil mist, rubber or other abnormal substances blooming qualitative analysis, thereby finding sources or incompatible formulation, is one of the most commonly used analytical methods to improve the product.


Foreign body analysis function

1) Determine foreign body or impurity composition quickly , analyze the causes and improve product yield;

2) Analyze abnormal materials to make the formula complete;

3) Eliminate hidden danger;

4) Guarantee the stability of production.


Application scope:

the surface of the pollutants on the product, abnormal material such as deposition. Widely used in chemical products, aviation products and parts, automobile and parts, LCM series products, PCB&PCBA products, electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing, etc.


Matters needing attention during sending samples:

1.After the foreign body was found on the sample, it should be properly stored to prevent secondary pollution;

2.Choose the material or method that are not easy to be contaminated to save the sample ;

3.Keep the foreign body micro image before sending sample;

4.samples are strictly prohibited in exposing to the air during sending sample;

5.samples are strictly prohibited to touch in the process sending sample;

6.The position of the foreign body is marked on the sample.

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