Coating and Plating Materials



The coating and plating material gradually appear in people's field of vision and develop rapidly and spread all over in our lives as the production and the development of science and technology,. In general, the future of the general development tendency of the coating and plating materials technology is a high-performance, high functional, intelligent and greening etc. Customer demands for high product and process understanding is different because technology with the high requirements of the product and new requirements. Such as cracking, corrosion, discoloration, failure occur frequently on paint and coating material layer, which is often cause the responsibility of the dispute between supplier and user, so lead to seriouseconomic losses. Through the failure analysis of a series of means, try to find the root cause of the failure and its mechanism, which is great significant to improve product quality, process improvement and arbitration is of great significance.


2.Service object

Coating and plating materials manufacturers: clear the quality problems, and further product failure may cause the design, production, process, storage, transportation and so on stage, dig into the root cause of the failure and its mechanism, to improve product yield and provide basis for optimizing production processes.

Distributor or agent: incoming quality control, provide favorable evidence for the quality responsibility.

The machine user: timely follow-up product reliability, improve the core competitiveness.


3.Produce benefit

1) It can effectively assist manufactures and distributors and customers to understand the quality of the products, propose suggestions for the product reliability, improve product yield and reliability as well as enhance product competitiveness;

2) It can find out the fundamental reasons of product failure and provides improving suggestions for products and process;

3) It can clearly confirm the responsibility party of coating/plating products failure and provide a basis for the judicial arbitration.


4.Main failure mode (but not limited to)

Stratification, creaking, corrosion, bubble, coating shedding, discoloration failure etc.


IC delamination failureMultilayer ink off failure
IC delamination failureMultilayer ink off failure
Coating sample interface point corrosion failureCoating surface blister failure
Coating sample interface point corrosion failureCoating surface blister failure


5.Common failure analysis technology

Material component analysis

Microscopic Fourier transform infrared spectrum analysis(FTIR)

Microscopic confocal Raman spectrometer(Raman)

Scanning electron microscopy and energy spectrum analysis(SEM/EDS)

X-ray fluorescence spectrum analysis(XRF)

Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry instrument(GC-MS)

Pyrolysis gas chromatography - mass spectrometry(PGC-MS)

Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis(NMR)

Auger electron energy spectrum analysis(AES)

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis(XPS)

X-ray diffractometer(XRD)

Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry(TOF-SIMS)






Material thermal analysis

Differential scanning calorimeter method

Thermogravimetric analysis

Thermal mechanical analysis

The dynamic thermal mechanical analysis


The material fracture analysis:

Postures microscope (OM)

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis


Material physical properties testing:

The tensile strength, bending strength, etc


Failure emersion/verification

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