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In the aviation manufacturing process development, upgrading of material showing a rapid change of the transformation, materials and aircraft have been pushing each other under continuous development."Generation materials, generation aircraft" It is a true portrayal of the history of world aviation.Material is the foundation and the forerunner of modern high-tech industries and, to a large extent is a prerequisite for high-tech breakthroughs.Since 2l century, the development of aerospace industry has entered a new stage, aerospace materials will drive towards higher quality, category updated, more powerful and more economically effective direction.


Maxim testing laboratory has achieved accreditation certification mainstream international aviation engine manufacturers and airlines with GE Aviation Group, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Shanghai Pratt & Whitney, MTU Zhuhai and many other engine manufacturers, Airlines and aircraft repair plant to maintain good relations of cooperation, to provide strong support for aircraft and engine maintenance, repair and maintenance work, to provide protection for the safe operation of flights on time.


Service Objects

Maxim can detect aircraft and parts manufacturing companies, aircraft operators and maintenance companies, aviation materials production and development agencies to provide one-stop solution, product categories include:

1. Aero Engines

2. aerospace metallic materials and parts

3. Aerospace Composites

4. Aerospace Electronics

5. Aerospace New Materials

6. Aviation Oil


Service Content:

Maxim detection capability can provide performance testing and failure analysis services to the aerospace materials and components, services can include:

1. The composition analysis

2. Microstructure Analysis

3. NDT

4. The physical and mechanical properties test

5. Air New Materials Performance Evaluation

6. aviation engine oil system cleanliness analysis

7. Aviation Fuel filter debris analysis

8. Air service database engine oil system cleanliness

9. Aviation Oil Analysis

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