Flame Retardant Test


Vertical Flammability TestThe Oxygen Index Test
Glow Wire TestHorizontal Flammability Test
Needle-flame TestFlammability of Interior Materials



Material is the ability of the material or product to carry out the flame combustion under the specified test conditions. It includes a number of features that are easy to ignite, as well as the ability to sustain combustion. After many years of development, the flame retardant test has formed a variety of standards, the industry has become very focused on the detection of the project.



According to the samples provided by the customer to carry out the combustion test, according to the results of the combustion to carry out the corresponding rating, to assist customers to product quality control.



Mainly used in plastics, automotive interior parts, electrical and electronic products etc.



Sampling->pretreatment->starting adjustment jig height, flame height, gas flow etc->test and record the results to the corresponding standard grade.


If material flame retardant performance is not passed, there are a lot of fire hazards


Some materials have good flame retardancy

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