Failure Analysis of Electronic Components



The rapid development of electronic components and its reliability laid the foundation for modern electronic equipment industry, more attention should be paid to thereliability analysis works.By analyzing the failure mechanisms, finding out the failure causes, feeding back the conclusions, researching and carrying out the corrective actions, the reliability of electronic components can be improved.

The purposes of failure analysis for electronic components are to confirm the failure phenomenon, to distinguish the failure mode and failure mechanism, to find out the root cause, to make recommendations for improving the design and manufacturing process, to prevent failure recurring and finally to improve the reliability.


Our customers

Parts Manufacturers 

Deeply involved in the phasesof design, produce, reliability testing and aftermarket, provide customers the theoretical basis of how to improve product design and process.

Assembly plants

Divide responsibilities and provide the claims basis, improve production process, screening component supplier, improve testing technology and circuit design.

Devices Dealer

Distinguish quality responsibility and provide the claimsbasis.

Machine users

Provide the basis for improving operating environment and procedures, improve the reliability, establish a corporate brand image and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


Your benefits

Provide the basis for design and process improvements, guide direction of reliability works

Find out the root cause of failure, propose and implement measures to improve reliability

Improve product yield and reliability, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

Clear the responsible party, provide the basis for judicial arbitrate


Main failure mechanisms

Open circuit, short circuit, burned, leakage, functional failure, electrical parameter drift, unstable failure.


Common techniques

Electrical test

1.Connectivity test

2.Electrical tests

3.Function tests

Non-destructive techniques


2.CT Scans


Sample preparation techniques

1.De-Cap (mechanical De-Cap, chemical De-cap)

2.DE passivation layer (Chemical etching, plasma etching)

3.Microanalysis technique (FIB, CP)

Microscopic morphology techniques

1.Optical microscopy


Failure Point Positioning technology

1.Thermal Imaging Microscopy (hot spot)

2.LCD hot spot detection technology

3.Light emission microanalysis (EMMI)

Surface Elemental analysis





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