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MTT LAB Can provide oil quality testing services, services include the following:


Diesel oil

Biodiesel(BD100) Refer to the GB 20828-2015 Standard Test
density、Kinematic viscosity(40℃)、Flash point (closed)、Cold filter point、sulfur content、Distillation range、10% Carbon residue、sulphated ash、moisture、Mechanical impurities、copper corrosion(50℃/3H)、Oxidation stability、Sixteen - index、acid value、Free and Total Glycerin


Ordinary dieselRefer to the GB 252-2015 Standard Test
density、Kinematic viscosity(40℃)、Flash point (closed)、Cold filter point、sulfur content、Distillation range、、10% Carbon residue、ash、moisture、Mechanical impurities、copper corrosion(50℃/3H)、Oxidation stability、Sixteen - index



Aviation kerosene (jet fuel No. 3) Refer to the GB 6537-2006 Standard Test、kerosene Refer to the GB253-2008 Standard Test
Routine detection indexWave characteristics、sulfur content、Mercaptan、Distillation range、Flash point (closed)、Smoke point、density、freezing point、Kinematic viscosity
Special inspection itemsAviation keroseneacid value、aromatics content、Olefin content、Net calorific value、Naphthalene Hydrocarbons、Actual gum、conductivity、copper corrosion、Water separation index、lubricity
kerosenewater-soluble acid or alkali、Mechanical impurities and water


Car gasoline

Car gasoline Refer to the GB 17930-2011 Standard Test
The cetane value of zinc、lead conten、Distillation range、Steam pressure、colloid、induction period、sulfur content、Mercaptan、copper corrosion(50℃/3H)、water-soluble acid or alkali、Mechanical impurities and water、benzene content、aromatics content、Olefin content、oxygen content、content of methanol、manganese content、iron content


Vehicle lubricating oil

CategoryproductsstandardTest items
gasoline diesel oil
Engine oil
GB 11121
GB 11122
dynamic viscosity、Borderline pumping temperature、100℃Kinematic viscosity、40℃Kinematic viscosity、viscosity index、Pour point、Alkali value
moisture、density、sulfur content、Flash point (opening)、Foam properties、Mechanical impurities、Phosphorus Content、sulphated ash
Vehicle gear oilSH/T 0350moisture、Foam properties、acid value、copper corrosion、Pentane Insolubles、toluene insolubles、iron content
Refrigeration oilGB/T 16630trace water、acid value、sulfur content、Carbon residue、ash content、colour、Foam properties
Brake fluidGB 12981appearance、copper corrosion、100℃Kinematic viscosity、(wet) equilibrium reflux boiling point、PH value
Antifreeze--------------boiling point、freezing point
Grease--------------Drop point、copper corrosion、Cone penetration、The sintering load (four ball method)


Meixin TestingMeixin TestingMeixin Testing

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