Coating quality inspection



Interior or external materials, fasteners and The mechanical transmission components are usually coated with non-ferrous metal or phosphatized, anodized, etc. to achieve the protection or decoration of various materials or to increase the mechanical strength of components and enhance other functions in the chemical, electronic, electric power, metal and other industries, so that the concept of coating, plating, cladding, lamination or chemically formed film appears, which we all call "coating".

The coating is generally a protective layer of the workpiece. A good protective layer can protect the workpiece from oxidation, abrasion, corrosion, etc., and if the quality of the protective layer itself is not good, the functions of workpiece may be lost in advance. A series of evaluation tests on the coating can make a certain judgment on the quality and make some predictions on the life of the workpiece.


Significance of coating quality detection

Most products will inevitably come into contact with or even rub against other objects in the environment during transportation or use. This interaction will inevitably lead to partial failure of the device, such as fading, patterns blurred, surface wear, corrosion, etc. However, the quality of the coating has a vital influence on the surface properties of the product, and the quality of the product can be effectively improved by controlling the quality of the coating.



Applicable to automotive interior and exterior parts, electronic and electrical enclosures, open-air exposed workpieces and profiles, corrosive workpieces, PCB boards, paint film prints, etc.


Main test items

Coating thichnessPencil hardness
Surface roughnessGloss
Taber rotating abrasionColor change
RCA abrasionAdhesive force
Taber reciprocating abrasionDupont Impact
Chip Resistancefalling weight impact
Fingers scratching testNano-hardness
Chemical ResistanceBending test
Scratch resistanceAbrasion resistance of falling sand
Environmental aging resistance(Damp heat aging、light aging、water resistance、salt spray resistance)



Apparatus of common coating tests



typical test photos



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