Nondestructive testing (Electronic Products & Components)





Nondestructive testing refers to the method makes use of internal structure abnormalities or defects causing the change of heat, sound, light, electricity, magnetic, etc to inspect and test the specimen surface and internal structure, properties, status and defect types, quantity, size, shape, position under under the premise of without harming the use performance and internal organization of detected objects. By measuring these changes to understand and evaluate the detected materials, and the nature of the device components, status, quality or internal structure etc.



Cars, PCB & PCBA, FPC, electronic appliances, electronics components, plastic materials, metal materials, medical equipment, research institutes, aerospace, military and defense etc.


Sample requirements:

X-ray: Not more than 300mmx300mm

C-sam: No specific requirements

CT: General requirements for sample size no greater than 50mmx50mm.

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