Material Thermal Analysis


Thermal Conductivity


It is a technology to measure the physical properties of the materials with the temperature variation under the condition of controlling temperature by the program.




Thermal Analysis is to measure the variation of the physical property under the process of heating or cooling, to study the variation of the physical property, or make the identify and fractal for the materials. Physical properties includes the properties of quality, temperature, enthalpy, size, machinery, acoustics, electricity , magnetics, etc.


The Significance of Thermal Analysis:

It is widely applied to characterization material’ s thermal property, physical property, mechanical property, and stability, etc. Besides, it plays important and realistic role on the development of the material and quality control in the production.


Commonly used methods of Thermal Analysis:

There are many kinds of Thermal Analyses. According to the induction and classification of the ICTA, there are totally 9 categories and 17 different types. Among the technologies of the Thermal Analysis, thermo-gravimetry, differential thermal analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, thermo-mechanical analysis, steady state thermal flow method, laser flash method are widely used.


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